diamond jewelry
diamond jewelry - Oziris

Do you ever wonder how it would be to hold eternity in your hands?

Diamonds are only eternal objects on this world and they leave special mark on the observer. They were made on depth of 150 kilometers beyond Earth’s surface 542 – 4600 million years ago. The name "diamond" comes from Greek word "adamos", which means indestructible. In modern world thez symbolize romantic love, wealth, beauty, success and glamour lifestyle.

Personalized jewelry

We set diamonds in all gold jewelry, and you can also design your own new model just for you.

Diamond jewelry

Oziris Jewelers have prepared new collection of diamond jewelry with accent on gold rings enriched with high quality diamonds. In our jewelry we set only diamonds with higher clarity than SI. Only those kind of diamonds can be in our jewelry and only they can get our certificate.

Certainly, you would also want to possess this object of admiration. Now this is not impossible.

When you buy even the smallest diamond from 00.1 carat, we will give you the certificate and with our tradition and professionalism we guarantee accuracy of data.
Our diamonds are grading according to Four C’s system, introduced by GIA in 1953.