How to propose to a girl?

kako zaprositi curu

1. Surprise

2. Be prepared

3. Parents blessing

4. The compulsory kneel

5. Pick the right ring

6. Oziris Jewelers

Surprise is the key element. Regardless if you are a fresh couple or you have been dating for years, your proposal needs to be a big surprise, which both of you will remember for the rest of your lives.
Be prepared
Practice your speech; the best way is to write it down on a memo and rehearse it for a couple of days. You definitely do not want to make any mistakes in such an important moment.
Parents blessing
With some families is still important to ask for the parents blessing. Whether this is a necessary step is completely up to you.
The compulsory kneel
Whether the proposal takes place on a stadium in front of 20,000 people or you are alone at home having a romantic dinner, the key element is that charming and romantic act, which gives a bit of class and uniqueness to this moment.
Pick the right ring
You can consult one of her relatives, a sister or a friend, women always talk about jewelry and they will know the right size and the model which will suit her best.
Oziris Jewelers
We would also advise you to contact our professional staff, which will gladly help you choose out of a wide variety at offer, one of the most important items in a woman`s life - the proposal ring.